Club Penguin Walk Through

This is one of the most popular games played by individuals of all age. The game was first introduced for the age group of 9 to 14 but as it become mare and more popular, it was seen that people of many ages joined this online gaming community. Now with a strong user community of over 300 million, this online game is considered to the biggest game to hit the online community in the last 10 years!

How Does This Game Work?

As the name suggests Club Penguin revolves around some penguin avatars who are used to play the whole game. It has many levels which you need to cover to win different medals. This game is set in a virtual winter world that consists of all the different assorted components of the north and the South Pole. It is a multi-player game and it has even become a platform to meet people from all around the world. It has become one of the largest online communities in the world.

The game has two types of users. You can register for free and thus play the whole game without having to pay a penny. That is one of user. Then there is another option where in you can pay money to buy virtual money which will help you to purchase different things on the game. These paid things include a pet for the penguins and even clothes. This has gained a lot of popularity and the company made quite a lot of money through the paid subscriptions.


No.1 Disney Game

The game gained so much popularity that Disney bought the website for a whopping 350 million dollars. They even decided to put in a bonus of 350 dollars if the former company was able to do some specific modifications and additions to the game within a certain specific time limit. This is an excellent game for kids as it teaches them to be safe and how to handle things. It is a good game to keep them occupied but also help them to learn things about the real world. Many parents have also rooted for the game because they feel it teaches their kid to be more calm and controlled.

Club Penguin Environment

The game is divided into many levels. Each level is again divided into many different districts. There are igloos in the districts that you can own. Paid users can buy larger igloos and decorate them the way they want. The penguin club hosts at least one part each month where in the users are given a free item of clothing. Paid users can buy things whenever they want. Another good thing about this is that there are mini games that you can play to win more virtual coins.

Club Penguin Walk Through

We know that many of the levels can get a bit difficult that is why there are many cheats and walk through that you can use to make the game easier. It is a way to make sure you can stay ahead of the game!

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